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Welcome to this exciting journey and new venture!


I am Ethelence and I have created this space for you! I want you to know exactly how I can help you. So let’s get started!


Why Numbers and Interviews? Because these are the two things I am most passionate about.



I have a true obsession with numbers! Just ask anyone that knows me. I love everything about them! So much so, that when I discovered Microsoft Excel at the age of nine, my life changed forever! Spreadsheets, formulas, drag and drop, pivot tables, you name it; I live and breathe it every day. The joy I experience collecting numbers and analyzing them is what I want to share with you most! If you’re thinking: Ethelence, calm down; numbers are just alright. Then, call me! Why? Because I can take care of your numbers so that you can focus on other important things, like running your business. Let me handle your numbers.



You’re driving to your interview, fists clenching the wheel, sweat running down your cheek, and all you can think is, “please oh please I need to get this job.” Let’s put a stop to this immediately! On the day of your interview, you will be driving with shades on, smiling, and thinking, “I got this in the bag.” Why? Because you called me to help you prepare. I love, love interviews! But Ethelence, you just told me you love numbers in the section above? I did! But interviews are also my jam! I can guide you through every part of an interview: before, during, and after. Every phase is equally important. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of getting an offer. I have helped friends and family. Now I want to help you!

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